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Awesome Attendance

When an entire class is present and on time, the class will earn an Awesome Attendance Day. When a particular class accumulates a certain number of Awesome Attendance Days, the entire class will be rewarded and recognized at the monthly PBIS Rally. Target levels and prizes changed for the 2019/2020 school year:
Target Level Prize Awarded
5, 10 5 Bear Bucks per Student
20 Popcorn Party
30 Extra Class Gym Time
40 Otter Pop Party
50 Extra Recess
60 10 Bear Buck Bill
70 Class Movie
80 Extra Class Gym Time
90 Donut Party
100 Ice Cream Party
The following classrooms were recognized at our monthly PBIS Rally for accumulating days of PERFECT attendance and other monthly focuses! Check back each month during the 2019/2020 school year see which classes had PAWsome Attendance and who improved!!
Best Attendance - September 2019